Comedy Central Is Roasting Rob Lowe, a Person Who Is in Comedy and Not at All a Controversial Figure

Finally, Comedy Central is getting back to the original roots of comedy roasts with making it about “the ones we love”.

Donald Trump, David Hasselhoff, Justin Bieber, and Charlie Sheen have been the “guests of honor” of Comedy Central’s roasts over the last five years. Roasting those folks is more of an excuse to have YouTube comments get rewritten by professional comedians, who may or may not personally know who they’re roasting, and have that well-crafted hate dished out to those who are hated by a good percentage of people. That line-up is a far cry from the Dean Martin roasts that really put “roasting” on the map as a televised event where beloved celebrities with a sense of humor were roasted by many that were closest to them. 

So, it’s great to hear that Rob Lowe, formerly of Parks and Recreation and is a very beloved celebrity, will be the focus of the latest Comedy Central roast. Let’s hope the dais includes something like Aziz Ansari, Jimmy Kimmel, Amy Poehler, etc.