Watch “The Roast of Ron Lynch” as a Great Reminder of Traditional Roasts

While the upcoming Roast of Justin Bieber is a night of taking on a highly divisive figure with all the insults and verbal barbs that professional insult and verbal barb makers can muster as physical abuse is illegal, there was a time where roasts were for the ones you love. 

The Roast of Ron Lynch wonderfully harkens back to that time.

Ron Lynch is, whether you or Ron knows it or not, an American comedy treasure and, as such, a roast in his honor was held a few weeks back at Trepany House @ The Steve Allen Theater. In attendance was a dais of his friends and contemporaries including Emo Philips, Chuck Sklar, Kevin Kataoka, Brendon Small, Joe Wagner, Katie Crown, The Walsh Brothers, Davey Johnson, and more.

They all took their approach of making fun of Ron and each other, saying something heartfelt, Ron expertly responding, and, as you might imagine made it a night to never forget.

Watch and enjoy a classic roast of a great comedian here.