Richard Ayoade Just Came Out With a Book Where He Interviews Himself “Ayoade on Ayoade”



Richard Ayoade, director of Submarine and The Double, has just released a book, Ayoade on Ayoade.

It contains several interviews of the director, which is a sort of book that has become commonplace in the cinematic canon. However, they are interviews conducted by Ayoade himself of, as the title suggests, himself.

On top of that a description of the book says, “Over ten brilliantly insightful and often erotic interviews, Ayoade examines himself fully and without mercy, leading a breathless investigation into this once-in-a-generation visionary”.

So, naturally, we’re on board for this ride that Ayoade is taking us on of himself. Get a copy of Ayoade on Ayoade here.