Required Online Reading Comedy List 8/9: “How To Not…” Edition

Over the last couple of weeks, three articles have specifically stuck out to us in that they address very important issues in comedy that rarely get talked about. It has nothing to really do with joke thievery or rape jokes or the normal stuff you see politically correct inspired blogs get outraged over, but how to not have your corporate gig go awry or how to not let the bitterness get the best of you as a comedian are definitely topics in comedy that need discussing.

That’s why we’re telling you to read this three wonderfully written articles that center loosely around a theme of “how not to…”  by three wonderful comedians:

Grandma Kashian’s Guide to Hiring a Comedian for your Function by Jackie Kashian
What Jealousy and Bitterness Can Do For Your Comedy Career by Andy Sandford
To That Threesome Heckler by Cameron Esposito