Required Online Comedy Reading List 9/16

Here’s another round of articles, interviews, blog posts, and more about comedy, for comedy, and are just comedy (funny) because we were getting too backlogged with all this great reading.

Roastmaster General Jeff Ross On How To Burn Someone by Joe Berokwitz for Co.Create
When Being Not-Stupid Is Not Enough by Dave Madden 
‘Happy Days’ became one of the biggest hits on TV by selling its soul by Todd VanDerWerff for The A.V. Club
Seven LA Comics Report From the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by Julie Seabaugh for LA Weekly 
Honesty in Stand-up Comedy by Nick Vatterott 
Our Show Is Held Together by Chewing Gum and Tape: A Look at The Chris Gethard Show by TV Hangover
9/11 Jokes and the “Too Soon” Standard & Judging Clint Eastwood’s Chair Speech as Comedy by Jake Kroeger for The Nerdist