Required Online Comedy Reading List 3/18/13

It’s that time again for our round-up of great online articles, interviews, etc. about, for, or dealing with comedy because, honestly, we just had too many of these great reads saved to look “at some point”. So, we read them and made this list.

Included in this edition are great road stories with Jimmy Pardo by John Roy, wonderful absurdity from the hilarious mind of Andrés du Bouchet, Pete Holmes interviewing Anthony Jeselnik, and much much more.

Mutants of the Post Apocalypse: A Handy Dandy Guide by Andrés du Bouchet
Eddie Pepitone-Global Phenomenon-Brings the House Down in Oslo by St. Paul’s Lifestyle
Exclusive Interview with Dinosaur Company by Moveorama Blog
Stewart Lee Is Not Amused at Monopoly Control of TV Comedy by Oliver Duggan for The Independent
Talking to Dan Harmon About Harmontown, Community Season 4, and His New Shows by Bradford Evans for Splitsider
Watching Ernie Kovacs Host One of TV’s Strangest Morning Shows by Ramsey Ess for Splitsider
Three Tales of Jimmy Pardo by John Roy
Pete Holmes and Anthony Jeselnik Talk Dark Jokes for Vulture
Dying Alone-The Life You’ve Chosen by Jeremy Paul for The Higgs Weldon
For Our Consideration: Why Understanding and Embracing Easy Pop Culture Targets Beats Deriding Them by Nathan Rabin at The AV Club
Funny or Die’s Billy Eichner on How To Be Fearless, and Maybe a Little Rude by Joe Berkowitz for Fast Co. Create
I Shall Be Heard by Alex J. Mann for The Morning News
Couples Therapy for Comedy and Feminism by Amy Hawthorne
6 Reasons to Quit Your Podcast by Caleb Bacon for Huffington Post
What Is A Writer Today by David Dean for Thought Catalog
Can a Video Game Ever Be a True Comedy? by Noah Davis for Splitsider
My Dearest Stand Up Comedians by Briana Hansen