Required Online Comedy Reading List 12/31

First, we should mention this isn’t a year end list. Our really big year end list will be coming sometime tomorrow when, that’s right, 2012 is actually over. However, that shouldn’t stop you from sipping some champagne early and reading all these fantastic articles, interviews, blog posts, lists, features, etc. about, for, or on comedy from the likes of David Rees, Chris Gethard, Jason Woliner, Conan O’Brien, John Roy, Sara Schaefer, and more.

Enjoy and happy next week, everyone.

“Place Your Bits” by Matt Champagne
“Best of 2012” by David Rees 
“Jack & Diane” for Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction by Jim Hamilton
The Je Shirt Saga: A Letter From Our CEO & Company Update by Jason Woliner 
Paul Gilmartin on the finances of getting basic-cable big, losing it all, and what happened next for The AV Club by Nathan Rabin
“The Art of the Interview: Dick Cavett on How to Elevate a Q&A” for Fast Co.Create by Joe Berkowitz
L.A.’s ‘Comedy Church’ Tries to Make Religion Funny, Even in the Face of Financial Hardship for LA Weekly by Michael Ciriaco 
Why Johnny Carson ‘Never Ever Spoke to Me Again’ for The Hollywood Reporter by Joan Rivers 
“2 Good 2 Be 4Gotten: An Oral History of Freaks and Geeks” for Vanity Fair by Robert Lloyd 
“An Aural History of the Inception Horn” for Vulture by Margaret Lyons and Amanda Dobbins
“The United States of Comedy: 2035” for Vanity Fair by Conan O’Brien 
“On Sports and Comedy” by Adam Cayton-Holland 
“Inside the Greatest Writers’ Room You’ve Never Heard Of” for Splitsider by Nell Scovell 
“The 47 Stages of Grief” by Paul Isakson
“Lost in the Desert” by John Roy 
“Ten Sacred Cows Destroyed by Doug Stanhope” for IFC’s blog by Andy Hunsaker
“Run the Light with Scott Moran” for Stand Up Talk by Ari Mannis
Proust Questionnaire for Vanity Fair by Louis C.K.
“Things to Consider When Submitting to Write For a Late Night Show” by Sara Schaefer
“Jerry Seinfeld Intends to Die Standing Up” for NY Times by Jonah Weiner
Talking to Ted Alexandro About Stand Up and Why Comedy Shouldn’t Be a Competition for Splitsider by Phil Davidson 
“Top Ten Ways to Misspell Ingebretson in 2012” by Matt Ingebretson 
Mel Brooks on how to play Hitler, and how he almost died making Spaceballs for The AV Club by Steve Heisler 
How do I stop trying to be funny, and start being actually funny? by Chris Gethard 
“Friends First, Talk Show Hosts Later: Nikki Glaser & Sara Schaefer Get Ready for MTV” for NY Times by Megan Angelo
“That’s A Thing: How Eugene Mirman Cut His Own Path in Comedy” for Splitsider by Robert Schoon