Required Online Comedy Reading List 7/5

Here’s a whole set of “long reads” that span the comedy spectrum of Kyle Kinane pointedly defending not proliferating bad comedy all the way to a review of the long-running series we’re all a part of called “America” by Megan Amram. You have time for this because you’re still off work for the 4th, right?

“Just to set the record straight” by Kyle Kinane for his blog
“Radiohead wouldn’t exist without early major-label funding. The future won’t bring new Radioheads. All I want to say here, truly, is: let’s get used to it.” by Mike Doughty for his blog (don’t worry, there’s very prominent nod to comedy in this)
“America: A Review” by Megan Amram for her blog 
“Justine Barron’s Slow-Tracked Life Part 4: the mastermind” by Justine Barron for Slacklust
“American, Home of the Free to Make Fun of Ourselves” by Jake Kroeger for The Nerdist