Required Online Comedy Reading List: Adam Carolla Edition

Well, you might have heard that Adam Carolla, in an interview yesterday with the NY Post, said those words that are statistically proven to light Internet afire: women aren’t funny. Of course, Carolla is no stranger to controversy as he has been accused of making homophobic remarks.  Still, it made for a flurry of articles and posts, listed after the break, that are worthy of reading in not only trying to end the conversation of about men being funnier than women, but the comedy career of Adam Carolla.

Funny Women by Rob Delaney on his blog (and his follow-up piece)
Adam Carolla Lobs Slow Pitch at Relevancy by Carol Hartsell for Huffington Post
Shut the Fuck Up Adam Frucci: A Defense of Adam Carolla by Sean Green on his blog
My 73 Year Old Dad on Why Women Are Funny by Jen Kirkman on her blog

Also, even though this piece we wrote for the Nerdist was regarding the Eddie Brill incident, we still think it’s pretty relevant again.