Required Online Comedy Reading Lists 6/9

From the absurd minds of Conan writer Andrés Du Bouchet and Michael Ian Black to the behind-the-scenes folks like Joel Mandelkorn, here’s another round of written pieces on/about/making fun of/etc. comedy to enjoy over a chai latte* this afternoon. 

Bunch of Totally Fake Crap by Andrés Du Bouchet for his blog
Mind Thoughts… with Michael Ian Black I Will Kill You by Michael Ian Black for Vice
This Is How You Make Something Go Viral: An Impractical Guide by Neetzan Zimmerman
for Gawker
Smart AND Beautiful by Sofiya Alexandra for her blog
A Promoter of Smiles: Joel Mandelkorn by Deborah Thomasian for Serial Optimist
Can Moonrise Kingdom Save Movies by Jake Kroeger for The Nerdist 

*Not to be enjoyed with any other kind of latte and we mean it**.
**We’re not actually going to do anything if you drink something else.