“Comedy Bang! Bang!” Gets Ready to Say Goodbye to Reggie Watts as He Is Bringing His Signature Goofs and Musical Genius to “The Late Late Show”

Thus far, Reggie is staying Reggie over at CBS.

In the middle of this fourth season of Comedy Bang! Bang! at IFC, Reggie Watts stepped down as bandleader and Scott Aukerman’s sidekick in order to take on his current gig as bandleader at The Late Late Show with James Corden. His final Comedy Bang! Bang! episodes are coming up and a farewell video or sorts was made to commemorate him in, of course, absurdist CBB style.

As you can see from what was supposed to be a remote segment about the NBA Playoffs on last night’s Late Late Show as well as his 4/20 song, Reggie is settling into his network gig just fine. 

In fact, seeing how he and his band Karen have done over the last couple of weeks, they have the potential to be the greatest band in late night if they keep headed in the direction their headed.