Reggie Watts, Kate Berlant, and Rory Scovel Will Be Improvising Their Sitcom Crowe’s Nest via Livestream This Thursday


If you remember from Reggie Watts last special Spatial, there was a portion of it that included an abstract parody of a sitcom. 

If you haven’t seen Spatial, stop reading and go watch it as it is an hour of pure Reggie in the best way possible.

So, this Thursday, thanks to Butcher Bird Studios, Reggie, Rory Scovel, and Kate Berlant will get to an extended version of them going around in the form of a traditional sitcom. 

We have no idea what’s going to happen (as it will be fully improvised), but we’re sure that it will be tomfoolery of the highest degree and shouldn’t be missed.

You can catch it at at 9PM (with a “pre-show” at 8PM)

Get more details here.