Really, You Should Try Jokes Out on a Megaphone Under a Floodlamp

If you are a comedian in LA (or even if you’re not and you just wanted to say things amplified and people have to listen) at an outdoor public arena on a megaphone, now you can. 

Thanks to Jason Van Glass and Rob Schultz and the Verdugo Park in Burbank, the Floodlamp Open “Meg” is one of the newest open mics in LA for comedians to try out their material. According to the Todd Glass parameters of comedy venues (see: I Am Comic), “the Floodlamp” breaks nearly every rule, which understandably worries anyone thinking about trying their material at an “Open Meg”.

Photo by Megan Baker

There are no ceilings or walls. There is no stage. There is no mic or mic stand. There are passing pedestrians that sometimes have strollers with babies in them. There is passing traffic as well as kids that ride by on their BMX bikes. Also, it’s completely outside (in case you haven’t figured that out by now). The single floodlamp does, however, provide a pretty decent light for the performer.

Still, Jason and Rob have managed to put together an open mic that’s both more attentive and supportive than most. In fact, some of those kids stop riding their bikes and quietly listen to the person on the “meg”.

There is no cover, minimum, and the peaceful element of the park brings sort of a calm that isn’t often found in dive bars, coffee shops, laundry mats, or any other unconventional place where there’s a comedy open mic. Sure, a tent and a stage and more would be nice, but an attentive crowd watching the performer are the basis for a good comedy open mic.

The Floodlamp’s 5th show is at sundown this Friday around 7PM at 3201 W. Verdugo Ave., Burbank, CA. Sign-up is by lottery. Alloted time is determined by how many people sign-up. If you’re really making a go at comedy, “welcoming” shouldn’t be a word that you should always looking for, but the Floodlamp Open Meg is indeed a welcoming and safe place for comedians to expand themselves artistically. 

Also, it’s really nice to be outside in LA at night, or in our case, outside in general.