“Ready or Not” Might Be the Funniest Horror Movie of 2019


More akin to Game Night than something like Midsommar, Ready or Not is a very much welcome break from franchise-tentpole fatigue. It’s a rollicking, darkly comedic send-up of the 1% as well as what you’d like to have happen to everyone from Rosemary’s Baby.

In fact, while violent, it’s not so much scary as a satisfying, classy looking satire that earns how ridiculous it gets (kudos to the touch of writers Ryan Murphy and Guy Busick and the directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett). Also, Beatrix Kiddo might have to move over as the badass blood spattered bride for Samara Weaving’s torn, blood spattered wedding dress, accessorized with Chuck Taylors and an an elephant rifle and accompany ammo belt. It’s a pretty iconic look if you ask us.

Also, Nicki Guadagni’s turn as the Cruella Devil-ish Aunt Helene is so funny that it might be worth the price of admission.

Ready or Not is now playing in theaters nationwide.