Ramy Season 2 Trailer Sees Ramy Youssef Really, Really Trying to Get Religious

The first season of Ramy broke all sorts of new ground with the perspective that Ramy brings to the world as a millennial comedian navigating his identity as a Muslim in an ever-increasing fluid world . It was an eye-opening series not only for its cinematic look and feel, but Ramy’s unflinching examination of all his deepest fears and his genuine quest to find himself while also pondering what it means to be Muslim these days.

There is absolutely more of that in season 2 as you can see in this Ramy season 2 trailer on top of the ever-stoic Mahershala  Ali becoming Ramy’s spritual guide.

See all of this and more in Ramy‘s second season trailer here. Then, look for all episodes to begin streaming on May 29th on Hulu.