Support the Nation’s Largest Anti-Sexual Violence Organization, RAINN, with the “Burn This Election” Comedy Album


A bunch of LA’s comedy best and brightest (including Dave Ross, Sean Keane, Kate Willett, Brandie Posey) got together at a house and recorded a comedy album called Burn This Election that might be exactly what you need right now. 

Here’s a juicy taste of it.

In light of the results of yesterday’s election, not only might you want to hear great jokes decrying Trump, but you probably want to support a cause that stands against him and his actions.

In that spirit, the proceeds of this Burn This Election album goes to support RAINN, the country’s largest organization tasked with combatting sexual assault and helping sexual assault survivors. 

You can get and listen to your own digital copy here.

By the way, the sweet album artwork is by Sean Keeton.