Pick of the Day: Rachel Bloom Is Rusty @ Dynasty Typewriter

First off, we’re thankful that Dynasty Typewriter, one of our absolute favorite venues in LA (a place that we, if we were to add up all the time that we’ve spent there would equal several weeks) has survived all the way to now as we get towards the other end of the pandemic.

Indeed, they have begun doing indoor shows for fully vaccinated audiences only that are distanced from each other. Also, they have started to fill their calendar with same sort of stellar talent that used to grace their gorgeous walls and stage in years past.

For starters, the musical comedy brilliance of Rachel Bloom will be doing three shows entitled “Rachel Bloom Is Rusty” on July 16th & 23rd and Aug. 20th, live at Dynasty Typewriter. It promises “music + comedy” and even though the title utilizes the word “rusty”, we have no doubt the excitement of both Rachel and everyone in attendance ought to be electric.

Tickets for each show are $30 and you can (and should) get them at DynastyTypewriter.com.