Comedian Quincy Jones, Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer and Given One Year to Live, Has Successfully Crowdfunded Money to Film Hour Special

Quincy Jones (the comedian and not the legendary music producer) made his way to LA to pursue his dreams in stand-up comedy in the early 2010s. While he was grinding his way through the LA scene as hard as anyone could be, Quincy was unfortunately diagnosed with Stage Four Mesothelioma Cancer and an estimate of about a year to live.

Fortunately, before Quincy’s time runs out, he might get to see his dream come true as a crowdfunding campaign for an hour stand-up comedy special has raised over 6 times the amount of money he needs. As of this post, the campaign was looking for $4,985 and has $29,263 with 24 days to go.

The special is set to tape on Apr. 3rd and you can get more info and donate here.