A Sequel to “Punching The Clown” Is Underway

Five years ago, the hilarious Henry Phillips starred in and co-wrote Punching The Clown, a movie that slowly, but surely became a cult hit on Netflix.

Now, in 2014, with Henry having just shot his comedy special, had one of the best web series of all time under his belt, he and, we hope, the rest of the world is ready for a sequel to Punching The Clown.

Our sources tell us that, indeed, the Punching The Clown sequel has just gone into production and Philips just tweeted the picture above this morning, leaving us to only conclude, unlike so many things that are teased on the Internet, that it’s all actually happening.

So, do yourself a favor and get excited for this, especially as we’ll have more details about cast, etc. coming soon.