Music Parody Is at Its Best on the “Punch Up the Jam” Podcast


Within the ever burgeoning art form of comedy, musical comedy is unfortunately oft-maligned, especially when it comes to parodies of popular songs.

That being said, Miel Bredouw (YouTube star, writer) and Demi Adejuyigbe (currently a writer on The Good Place) not only do a smash up job of parodying songs that they feel they can “punch up” with an extremely clever change in the lyrics (that usually takes on a much more nuanced existential perspective than the original song), but also dissecting those songs every which way they can, lyric-by-lyric. That formula plus their irresistibly charming chemistry combine to make up their great podcast Punch Up The Jam.

Miel and Demi have wonderfully tackled and punched up anything from Auld Lang Syne to Friday I’m in Love to Mambo No. 5 (done live at SXSW). 

So, get in on Punch Up the Jam right here, right now.