Pick of the Day: Puddles Pity Party w/Dave Hill (in LA) 4/7

When encountering Puddles Pity Party for the first time, the roller coaster of emotions that ensues is probably unlike anything you’ve seen or felt before. There is a 7 foot tall, forlorn clown that emerges from somewhere in a way that is charmingly self-deprecating and does nothing whatsoever to tip what’s going to happen with Puddles Pity Party and his amazing voice.

Also, that’s still just part of the ride, no matter what you’ve seen on America’s Got Talent or otherwise. You have to see it for yourself and get brought into the truly otherworldly delights of Puddles and LA folks will get that chance come next week on Thurs. Apr. 7th at 9PM PT at the El Rey. Also, musical comedy dynamo and raconteur Dave Hill will be joining in with Puddles Pity Party giving you even less of the non-existent excuse to go get tickets right now.