Watch/Buy “Poop Talk” Documentary Where a Bunch of Comedians Talk Scatology (and Only Scatology)

Thanks to writer/director Aaron Feldman and executive producers The Sklar Brothers, there is now an hour long documentary about one of the most taboo topics there is (that somehow connects us all): poop. 

Poop Talk features stories and observations about scatology from comedians, celebrities, and scientists that study the human phenomenon. It not only enlightens, but breaks down stigma that so many people have about a thing that everyone goes through on a daily basis.

You’ll get to hear about dung from: 
Kumail Nanjiani
Rob Corddry
Dr. Drew Pinsky
Eric Stonestreet
Paul Scheer
Aisha Tyler
Nick Swardson
Adam Carolla
Pete Holmes
Jason Sklar
Randy Sklar
Jamie Lee
Nikki Glaser

Here’s the trailer to show you that there’s nothing to be anxious about in watching a bunch of people talking about sh*tting for just over 60 minutes.

Poop Talk is now available on VOD (here on YouTube and here on iTunes) and is still playing at select theaters nationwide. Honestly, it’s kind of a life changing documentary, especially if you’re the sort of person still worried about going #2 in public.