So, Silicon Valley’s “Pied Piper” Is Hiring?

Apparently, they’re looking to fill very legit sound positions for the company featured on the fictional show.

A few days ago, the Pied Piper site, an extension of the company that HBO’s Silicon Valley is centered around, got updated with some company profiles and more as, per the show’s storyline of bringing a new investor, they’ve got some dough to spend on upgrading Pied Piper.

So, if you’re a Core Compression Library Engineer, API Developer, Unit Tester, or a Video Hacker, Pied Piper is looking for you

This might be an elaborate joke featuring a bunch of tech nomenclature or, perhaps, Silicon Valley is looking for more consultants to make sure their jokes are logically sound from a tech standpoint. We don’t have any details beyond the job listing.

Even still, maybe they’re going to build a real Pied Piper?

Forget imitating. Life might just becoming art in this case.