If You’re Obsessing Over Rick and Morty’s “Pickle Rick”, Here’s a Whole “Ricking Morty” and a Behind The Scenes Featurette

All of you watched last night’s Rick and Morty’s Pickle Rick episode last night, right? 

If you haven’t, stream it (while you can) at Adult Swim here and be stunned at what might end up being one of the show’s most daring and ambitious episodes ever.

Then, watch the episode’s writer Jessica Gao, Kumail Nanjiani, and Brandon Johnson talk it out with Sam Jay on the latest Ricking Morty.

On top of that, here’s an inside look that went into what designing “Pickle Rick”, the rats, and more.

Hopefully, that’ll satiate you for now.

By the way, has anyone made a connection that “Pickle Rick” is literally about getting out of a pickle (other than the woman who points that out at the end of this Ricking Morty)?