Pick of the Day: Scary Little Krampus (in LA) 12/15

Truly, one of the most astounding holiday comedy shows in LA is Dani Colluci‘s Scary Little Krampus. Collucci gets done up as a fully formed Christmas demon, Krampus (it’s pretty much a big budget movie level make-up job) and hosts the sort of holiday comedy show for those who want Halloween to be all year long (looking at you, Jack Skellington).

Joining her on the dark side of Christmas will be a cadre of wonderful weirdos dedicated to make Fri. Dec. 15th at The Elysian a night to never forget (because you’ll be hilariously haunted by it?).

That’ll include:

  • Matt Olson

  • Freak Nature Puppets

  • Nnamdi Ngwe

  • Ryan Asher

  • Chad Damiani

  • Dean Evans

  • Camirin Farmer

  • Sam Walt Jones

  • Maureen SanDiego

  • Jessie Prez

  • Nate Pringle

  • JJ Phillips

  • Aerica Goetten

  • Andrew Goetten

Tix for Scary Little Krampus are going for $20 and we highly suggest that you snag them right now right here.