Pick of the Day: Kimberly Clark Taping (in LA) 4/19

Here’s another taping that’s long overdue. Kimberly Clark has long since been a treasure of the LA comedy scene as a comedian that can always be counted out for good, calming spirits and even better punchlines. We’ve actually known and loved Clark for all the time that we’ve ran TCB and it’s kind of a thrill that she’s finally getting to put her jokes on wax.

Come Friday, April 19th, Clark will be doing a full length album taping for the venerable aspecialthing Records at Lyric Hyperion. You’ve got two chances to be part of the recording with an early 7:30PM and a late 9:30PM show. Clark will be joined by other faves of ours, Paul Danke, Clark Jones, and Maggie Maye.

Tickets are only $5 for this taping, so just go get a pair already! Do so here.