Pick of the Day: Filth with Steph Tolev (in LA) 12/5

Go figures as there is John Waters: Pope of Trash exhibit at the Academy Museum that there would be an ascent of a Queen of Filth just up the road at a comedy club. That’s right, Steph Tolev is a well-earned, self-styled Queen of Filth with the perfect husky voice to compliment and she’s doing a very special, very blue night of stories and stand-up at The Comedy Store this coming Tues. Dec. 5th.

When it comes to going dirty, Tolev isn’t so much wheeling and dealing in going graphic just for the sake of it or for schadenfreude, but is so exquisitely talented at sourcing comedy out of the filthiest crevices she can find every month with the aptly named, Filth.

Also, this night will be double as a toy drive for the WeHo LAFD, so you can do some good while listening to something that’s unequivocally NSFW.

Tickets are $10 (plus 2 drink min.) and you can (and should) go get them here.