Pick of the Day: Brett Goldstein (near LA) 12/10 + *Tix Giveaway*

If you’re nestled in the cozy heights of Pasadena surrounded by a much more classic LA aesthetic, we get that you probably don’t want to leave all that often to LA proper or even hike it to something cool at Highland Park. That leaves limited comedy options for you if that’s the case. The Ice House, LA’s oldest comedy club is back in action, but they can only give you so many options.

Suffice it to say that it isn’t every night or even every week or every month that someone like Brett Goldstein (i.e. Roy Kent and Hercules) comes through the Pasadena city limits. Yet, Goldstein is headlining the classic Pasadena Civic Auditorium this Sun. Dec. 10th at 7PM. It’s a hop, skip, and not even a jump from Old Pasadena, so you can get in a stroll and probably some very expensive wine in before you head to the show.

Tickets start at $72 and you can buy ’em here, but we actually have a couple pairs of tickets if you want them. Just let us know at thecomedybureau@gmail.com!