Pick of the Day: Blacula (in LA) 10/24

Halloween is just two weeks and change away and a whole slew of Halloween themed comedy shows are about to take over any and all comedy venues (and you absolutely should take make the most of the horror/comedy combo while you can).

Case in point, some of UCB’s best black improvisers are going to do their own improvised versions of vampire lore/cinema/TV the week before Halloween. Appropriately called Blacula, the likes of Shakira Paye, Carl Tart, Moni Oyedepo, Jerah Milligan, X Mayo, Corin Wells, Jacquis Neal, Lamar Woods, Blake Edwards, and Ashley Parchment will give you the flip of what has been predominantly a white subgenre (except for Blade and the latest Interview with the Vampire?). If they end up improvising the infamous baseball scene from Twilight, the audience ought to pay more than the $10 that this show costs.

Blacula is set for Tues. 10/24 at 10PM. You very much can (and should) go get your tickets here.