Key & Peele’s Director, Peter Atencio, Has Just Wrapped His Last Day on Key & Peele

Many of you or, we’re willing to wager, all of you reading this right now probably have become big fans of the show Key & Peele on Comedy Central over their four seasons throughout the last couple of years. 

As such, you’re more than acquainted with the shows titular stars Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele, but you should also be familiar with and tip your hat to the show’s director Peter Atencio, who, atypical of almost every TV show in existence, directed every episode of Key & Peele.

Well, last night, Peter Atencio himself announced it was his final day on Key & Peele, which he has left his mark on indelibly. We have yet to hear what Atencio’s next projects are or who will step in for him in the future, but, for now, just go watch a bunch of Key & Peele sketches and appreciate his work.