Pete Holmes-Tip of the Hat 5/15

The Comedy Bureau “Tips Its Hat” this week to PETE HOLMES.

Forget, only for a moment, about Pete Holmes killing it on Conan or John Oliver’s NY Stand Up Show on Comedy Central.  If you live in Portland or were so lucky to go there last month and got to catch him at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival just slaying audiences left and right like it was just another day at work, again, for a moment, forget all of that.

Comedian Pete Holmes is so funny that he can kill at breakfast.  Now, to some of you, that might not be all that impressive, but a breakfast amongst comedians and myself can be a pretty tough crowd.  Actually, one of the things I hate most is people trying to run bits or improv off each other after a show when I’m just trying to enjoy some late night breakfast.  I don’t need to hear, “What are you Willy Loman over here? Enjoying your last cup before finding you need to buy a new fridge?”

Yet, Holmes has gotten to a point where being funny isn’t a matter of switching it on or off.  The point is: he is just funny all the time.  Whatever the situation, Holmes brings the laughs.  I’ve seen him drop in on late shows where people are tired and want to go home, I’ve seen him follow complete wrecks, and I’ve even seen Pete perform in someone’s living room beneath a broken light and have the audience rolling in laughter.

Combining an uncanny likeability as soon as he takes the stage, incredibly clever writing, and a pure fun delivery, Holmes has more than earned praise from his contemporaries such as Kyle Kinane, in a recent interview with the Comedy Bureau, calling Pete his own “anti-depressant”.  Much of Holmes’ comedic genius is due to discipline in writing.  Every idea, premise, etc. that he has, he writes down, no matter where he is.  If he riffs on stage, you’ll be sure to find Holmes writing down notes right after the show about what worked.

That’s why, and now you can remember all those things I said to forget, Holmes is on TVs and stages across America, writes for the New Yorker and NBC, has a web series on, Kid Farm, co-written with Jamie Lee, making people laugh.  Follow him on Twitter @peteholmez and check out his site  Also, you can catch him this Thursday May 19th at the always stupendous Super Serious Show at Smashbox Studios in Culver City 7PM; tickets here.