OK, Early 2000s (Pre-9/11) Nostalgia Is Coming Soon with This Trailer for “PEN15″

The turn of the millennium and, subsequently, the year before 9/11 happened, saw a world that was pretty ridiculous. Looking back, perhaps the excesses of the time (remember what TRL was like in 2000?) were a result of Y2K not happening and people thinking everything was pretty alright. 

Well, that time was almost twenty years ago and, perhaps, ripe for a nostalgic single camera series about it. Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle’s PEN15 looks to be a pretty strong candidate (even if you’re nostalgic for the year 2000) for this role as evidenced by this trailer.

Both Erskine and Konkle created the series and play teen versions of themselves, which all seems promising. 

If you’re into it, look for all of episodes of PEN15 to start streaming on Hulu starting Feb. 8th.