Get Your First Look at “Pause with Sam Jay” Season 2

Pause with Sam Jay arrived in the realm of talk shows and disrupted pretty much every facet that had ever been established. There was no set, no house band, and it mostly was centered on conversations with fellow comedians and friends that Sam would have during a real house party/hang, often while playing pool or while getting drinks made in the kitchen. There were remote segments and sketches, but even those were more interested in thematic guests than any sort of celebrity.

For all the times that we’ve wanted a real shake-up in late night/talk shows, Pause is part of a legitimate wave of that actually happening. Season 2 is coming up in a week and it looks like Sam is only doubling down on this new way of doing a talk show focusing on topics like handling death, addiction, queer rights, etc. which we’re plenty on board for.

Take your first gander at season 2 here, then look for the premiere on HBO starting Fri. May 20th.