Paul F. Tompkins Will Be Taping His Next Hour Special Jun. 6th at The Palace Theatre

This is one save the date that you should be unequivocally excited for.

Quite some time, almost three years in fact, has passed since Paul F. Tompkins’ last hour special “Laboring Under Delusions”. In that time, Paul has done so much other great projects going including No, You Shut Up!, Dead AuthorsSpeakeasy, and, most recently, Spontaneanation.

It’s amazing that Paul can pull all of that amazing stuff off and get a new hour together to tape a special on top of that.

That’s why you should block out Jun. 6th on your calendar and plan on heading to the gorgeous Palace Theatre in Downtown LA to see the taping of Paul F. Tompkins’ Crying and Driving. As soon as tickets are available, we will let you know.