What You’ll Get If You Support The Comedy Bureau Patreon


You might have heard that we’ve started this Patreon page in order to live our best life as an actually publicly funded bureau. As with all crowdfunding campaigns, we’ve got rewards on top of providing the invaluable service.

They are as follows (and there are more to come):

TCB “Electricity” Fund-$1 or more per month
You’ll be acknowledged and thanked at official Comedy Bureau meetings for keeping our lights on. Also, you’ll get access to pre-sale tickets to exclusive Comedy Bureau events before anyone else.

TCB “Hat” Fund-$5 or more per month
Support our penchant for hats. For this, you’ll get pre-sale access to Comedy Bureau events and be included on a Comedy Bureau “Digital Wall of Trustees”

TCB “Lunch” Fund-$10 or more per month
Help us be a more legit LA office by letting us order lunch for the office. For that, you get an official sticker of our fancy new logo done by Chris Fairbanks, access to pre-sale for Comedy Bureau events, and included on our “Digital Wall of Trustees”

TCB “Fossil Fuel” Fund-$20 or more per month
We can’t cover comedy like we do by taking the train here in LA, so covering our gas expenses would be a blessing. For that, on top of pre-sale tickets, Digital Wall of Trustees, and a sticker, we’ll send you a fancy, shiny enamel pin of our official logo. Also, if you’re against fossil fuels, you can give us way more money and we can be able to go get a Tesla.

TCB “Step and Repeat” Fund-$40 or more per month
Yet another part of being a legit LA operation is having a “step and repeat”. Helping us out with “that” will get you pre-sale tickets access, sticker, enamel pin, Digital Wall of Trustees and a download of our Comedians of Interest Vol.1 done in collaboration with AST Records.

TCB “Actual Office Space” Fund-$100 or more per month
Little known fact: We are a “mobile” operation. Help us “work a little less” at whatever coffee shop or bar has wifi. For that get everything above, then go on one “ride along” and grab drinks with The Comedy Bureau (availability pending and must be within the Greater LA Area)  

TCB “Spy Equipment” Fund-$1,000 or more per month
We are a bureau, but one that just doesn’t have spy equipment. Help us with “that” and you’ll get the rewards above, we’ll personally scout comedy for you with whatever you’re looking for to the best of our very highly regarded abilities. 

Also, if we get $9000 pledged monthly, we’ll start a NYC Branch of The Comedy Bureau (it’s probably the #1 thing we get asked about outside of “what are the good mics?).

So, please support The Comedy Bureau on Patreon and you could get a slick looking enamel pin and look slightly more official in the world of comedy.