We, and by “we”, I mean just one person, Jake Kroeger, love supporting LA comedy and, by extension, the art form of comedy through efforts put forth here by The Comedy Bureau.

We’ve been doing for almost 7 years. It might almost be 7 years. We’ve kind of lost count because we haven’t taken a day off since 2010. That’s not hyperbole. “We” just a) love comedy and b) are workaholics.

Being a publicly funded resource is hard enough through official channels a la grants or funds handed out by governments or well known benefactors. 

Rather than go that route, we’re looking to all of you fine folks that have dug us throughout the years to help us out by pledging on our Patreon page to not only keep our operations going, but help us expand possibly to NYC and improve and streamline the Bureau as a whole.

Any bit helps. If you can pledge $1000 or pledge even just $1, spread the word, etc., we can keep serving our community at large forever.