A Revival of Party Down Is In The Works at Starz

(via THR)

Henry’s torturous catch phrase “Are we having fun yet?” has been a sentiment that has been ringing in our head as capturing the spirit of remaining in lockdown because of the pandemic.

So, the idea of Party Down potentially returning is very much good news to us and, as far as revivals/reboots go via nostalgia bait, we’re fine with this one. If you haven’t watched Party Down yet, please stop singing the praises of Ted Lasso and go watch all of Party Down right now. There are only two seasons (and there indeed should have been more), so it ought to be a very satisfying binge.

Thus far, the original producing team of Rob Thomas, John Enbom, Paul Rudd and Dan Etheridge are committed to developing this possible revival at Starz and they’ve indicated that a good portion of the cast is likely to return (Adam Scott seems to be on board).

Perhaps, if this returns, we’ll have a better answer for the question, “Are we having fun yet?”