Jimmy Pardo Doing The Next Pardcastathon Next Year in March

In case you were wondering what was missing today, it was Never Not Funny’s annual Pardcastathon.

For those not into indulging into unbridled consumerism on Black Friday, the amazing Jimmy Pardo usually had the perfect alternative by doing a 12 hour Never Not Funny marathon with a plethora of the funniest people around and celebrities doing various goofs and funny business to raise money for Smile Train.

Well, according to this tweet, they’re postponing it from its usually scheduled date to Sat. March 5th, 2016, perhaps with something a little bigger up their sleeve. Let your imagination run wild with Pardo and company (Matt Belknap, Pat Francis, and more) could be brewing up.

In the meantime, you can still support the great charity that is Smiletrain by donating here.