Paramount and Warner Bros. Up Their Digital Content with New Web Series “Beef” and “RejecTED”

The line between watching a web series online and watching your favorite TV show online is continuing to blur. Of course, you probably knew that having binged watched any number of hit TV series online as well as watch a run of a successful web series like This Is Not Happening with Ari Shaffir.

Knowing this, Warner Bros. has launched into the realm of content online with a division that will be called Blue Ribbon Content (H/T The Hollywood Reporter) that will feature such things like a series from the creators of Mike Tyson Mysteries centered on bad TED Talks. It’s appropriately called RejecTED.

Paramount is continuing their path of great, bizarre parody web parodies like Burning Love with Beef featuring Christopher Meloni as a sort-of-daytime-TV-judge that hears people’s “beefs” in the butcher shop that he owns. If you think it might be as awesome as it sounds, the trailer will not disappoint (cast and guest stars include Michael Ian Black, James Pumphrey, Joe Lo Truglio, Angela Trimbur, Betsy Sodaro, Beck Bennett, Michael Cera, FYI). Beef is set for a release in just over a week on Nov. 11th.

So, basically we’re saying get ready for all of this.