Our 1461st Day

As of today, The Comedy Bureau is 4 years old, or 1461 days (365 x 4 plus one day for one leap year in 2012). We here at The Comedy Bureau have yet to take a day off since we were founded on Oct. 25th, 2010, a streak that we don’t mind keeping up in this wonderful, bizarre, innovative, defiant (and a whole grab bag of other great adjectives) comedy scene in this seemingly infinite metropolis that is Los Angeles.

We didn’t have any anniversary celebration lined-up tonight because we were too backed up in paperwork here at Comedy Bureau HQ and LA comedy just has too much going on tonight. Don’t worry, we’ll have an official 4 year anniversary shindig soon. 

Still, we look forward to continue to make seeing, doing, and knowing about comedy here in LA and beyond, possibly even more in the not so distant future (cough cough, producing “things”, that’s all we’ll say for now, cough cough).

The only thing is that our entire staff ever shows up to work. In fact, it just seems like that there’s only ever one guy here. Maybe some donations would help out with that? If you can’t donate, just please spread the word about what we do.

Feel free to chant 4 more years for our benefit at your convenience. People thinking about the midterm elections of the end of Obama’s administration shouldn’t be confused at all.