Just a Friendly Reminder About Our Open Submission Policy

At The Comedy Bureau, we always strive to highlight great comedy that might not get seen by a good number of people otherwise. 

Thus, we’re always open to having stuff sent to us whether it be a sketch, web series, podcast, short film, live show, book, movie, album, TV show, essay, art installation, festival, etc. etc. for consideration to be featured at the site like we did for Derek Sheen’s fantastic album Tiny Idiot.

NOTE: we are still solely based in LA as of this time. So, live show listings/coverage tends to skew towards the Greater Los Angeles Area. However, we’re still game for big, one-off, and/or annual events like festivals, tours, and the like around the country such as Bridgetown or even the world (Eddie Izzard’s Force Majeure, Comedy Central International Festival, Edinburgh Fringe)

Please send all submissions to thecomedybureau@gmail.com. Apologies in advance if it takes us awhile to get back to you as our staff is on the small-but-mighty side.