Required Online Comedy Reading LIst 5/26/13 Nothing To Really Do With Memorial Day Edition

Here’s are every-so-often list of online articles about, around, through, into, and so on and so forth about comedy like Cameron Esposito’s spot-on address to comedians who make rape jokes as well as Mike O’Connell’s erotic fan fiction take on Animal Farm.

Take a break from Memorial Day BBQ’s and/or sales and enjoy this nice long list

Tell Your Rape Jokes. Expect To Be Challenged on Them by Cameron Esposito
I’m The Comic Who Was Fired Because 10 Men Heckled Me To Show My Breasts and Vagina – And I’m Finally Speaking Out by Christina Walkinshaw for XOJane
Little Things Mean the Most When You Stand Up by Ryan Singer
The Nielsen Familiy Is Dead by Tom Vanderbilt for Wired
Why Comedians Don’t Give a Fuck If You’re Offended: SXSW Comedy Panel Explores Crossing The Line by Katla McGlynn for Huffington Post Comedy
Scott Kennedy Death: Last Week America Lost a Real, Live Hero by Dave Holmes for Huffington Post
Google deletes  ‘PS Gay Car-We need your help by Fortress of Attitude
How To Have Sex With an Animal by Dave Ross
For Comics Planning on Moving to NYC by Andy Sandford
Kurt Braunohler Talks to Kristen Schaal About Her Disastrous Stand-Up Special for Vulture
Hip Flexion Thrust by Matt Champagne
My Story About The Film ‘Monster House’ by Kelly Oxford
The Joke’s on Louis C.K. by Dave Itzkoff for NY Times
How I Won’t Jokes About Muslims by Matt Kirshen
The Blue Umbrella: Inside a Pixar Love Story by Andy Meek for Storyboard
Read This Before You Decide To Sell Your Comedy Album by Josh Spector for Connected Comedy
George’s Orwell’s Animal Fuck Farm by Mike O’Connell
Talking to Erica Oyama, Creator of Burning Love by Bradford Evans for Splitsider
The Funny Pictures: Comedy’s Photographers by Elise Czajkowski for Paste
Emoticons by Jake Weisman
The 3 Agonizing Stages of Getting a Talk Show by Pete Holmes for Vulture
My Greatest Regret Is Not Making Out with a 500 Pound Woman On a Shitty Talk Show by Chris Gethard for Vice
On the issue of certain choices made in Star Trek Into Darkness by Alison Agosti
Marc Maron and Julie Klausner Dissect Podcasting by Josh Wolk for Vulture
How To Be Hilarious on Twitter From a Writer (Megan Amram) Who Tweeted Her Way To TV by Joe Berkowitz for Co.Create
it’d be nicer if you joined in… by Erin Judge
An Open Letter From a Decent White Male Comic by Jim Tews
Sympathy, Not Satire by Erin Gibson for Huffington Post 
Talking to Michael Che About Touring the World and Making Standup Glamorous by Elise Czajkowski for Splitsider