Pick of the Day: One Star New York (in NYC) 1/3

Welp, left, right, and center, comedy shows right now in NYC are getting postponed and cancelled because of the Omicron surge of COVID-19. So, we’ll just have to look past the holidays for something that is, as of this moment, still on the books and will still be a damn good time.

With that in mind, we’d like to highlight Back Fat Variety’s One Star New York, a show that celebrates the worst of NYC as told by some of its best funny people. We’ve always thought of NYC as a place that requires Stockholm Syndrome to live there and it looks like this show revels in that notion.

Expressing their love for the Big Apple through their worst recollections of it will be the lovely collection of Ophira Eisenberg, Martin Urbano, Linsday Boling, and host Emily Winter. One Star New York will be taking place at Caveat where vaccination and masks are thankfully required on Mon Jan. 3rd at 7PM ET. Tickets are $15 right now and you ought to get them here.