Trailer for Tig Notaro’s “One Mississippi” on Amazon Brings the Dry Humor of Her Tragedy to Life

If you’re into comedy at all, odds are you’ve probably heard Tig Notaro’s story of tragedies followed by tragedies and living through it by now. At the very least, we hope you’ve heard her landmark comedy album Live (pronounced as the verb).

This particular portion of Tig’s life riddled with heartbreak, disease, and death was the subject of the aforementioned album, a book, a documentary, and now this TV series coming to Amazon, One Mississippi.

The very first trailer for the show has just arrived and you can see how Tig’s singularly dry, unflinchingly honest sense of humor runs through her show.  

If you’re hooked or an admirer of anything and everything that Tig does, look for episodes of One Mississippi to start streaming on Amazon Prime on Friday, September 9th.