Alex & Ariel’s First Feature “On The Rocks” Is a Great Whirlwind of Murphy’s Law

Alex Kavutskiy and Ariel Gardner, sometimes known as Alex & Ariel, have made an impressive showing as filmmakers over the years with their off-beat dark comedy short films like Judy and short form series like Kill The Baby.

Now, they’ve confidently stepped into both feature length film arena with On The Rocks. They follow a marriage live up to the film’s title to the nth degree as husband and wife, played by Chase Fein and Nichole Bagby, really do go through everything going wrong that can possibly go wrong. We should add that they’re both far from being without fault. 

The pace, accented by a Birdman-esque jazz score, is relentless which adds to the fun, chaotic tailspin that the audience is taken on. 

Get a taste of all of that with this trailer.

On The Rocks is now available on iTunes $9.99 and is yet another milestone for what we feel will be a storied career of Alex & Ariel.