Pick of the Day: BBMT Presents NYE’s Spectacular: Tomorrow! Hosted by Ron Lynch (in LA) 12/31

There are plenty of options for the Greater LA Area that will very likely run you more than a few pretty pennies and mostly be people get drunk while music is played very loud up until a countdown for New Year’s somewhere in the world.

For all the extensive digging and scouring we’ve done on what might be “the” thing to go to on New Year’s Eve (unless you mostly just wanted to get drunk off of champagne and do countdowns), we think we’ve got the thing for LA. Our money is on Ron Lynch having a special exclusive night of his long running, beloved midnight variety show, Tomorrow!, head to another beloved LA institution, The Bob Baker Marionette Theater, for a special music/comedy/dancing extravaganza of a New Year’s Eve starting at 10PM.

Slated to join Lynch for the evening include Tomorrow! favorites of all kinds (comedians, carnies, magicians, non-comedic musicians, musical comedians, and more) including Jack Dagger, Sethward, Drennon Davis, Ian Abramson, Psychic Buster, Nick Stargu, Kristen Lundberg, Wesley Doloris, Blake Rosier, “The Unkillable” Jenny Lynne, Chaki.

Best of all, a ticket to Bob Baker Marionette Theater Presents NYE’s Spectacular: Tomorrow! Hosted by Ron Lynch only costs $23, which is a steal of a deal. Go get your tix now.