Watch QED Astoria’s Kambri Crews Lead Off #SaveNYComedy Rally

Like the world over, comedy venues and other small indie venues have been shut down due to the pandemic for six months and, just like at the beginning of lockdown, there’s unfortunately little guidance as to how or when venues might be able to reopen safely. The unpredictable nature of COVID-19 coupled with the unpredictable nature of people disregarding safety measures does make it hard to figure out any sort of timetable, but being stuck in the darkness as to what to do at all, leaves many of these venues in danger of surviving to the other side of lockdown.

In New York City, Kambri Crews, founder of QED Astoria, led off a #SaveNYComedy press conference and rally earlier today featuring other comedy venue owners from all around NYC, a State Senator, and comedians Ophira Eisenberg and Christian Finnegan to press New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on being part of the dialogue of what to do in order to survive, especially when trivia nights at bars are happening and bowling alleys are currently open in New York.

Together, these venues are looking to do outdoor shows and/or limited capacity shows and get metrics on what venues in NYC might be able to operate under (there are over 2400 in the NYC area alone, FYI) from Cuomo’s office.

Give the press conference a watch here.