Pick of the Day: Not National Public Radio (Creator First Clubhouse Pilot) 5/20

To be sure, there are plenty of experimental, niche, but oh so marvelous things on Clubhouse these days. Who knows what the addition of Android users will bring in the coming weeks?

One of the stand out weird and wonderful things is Not National Public Radio, a deft parody on the institution that is, of course, National Public Radio. Created by Henry Kaiser and Lindsay Ames, this alternate dimension version of NPR takes pitches for shows that would be the most ridiculous things on the station, but still very much in line with their brand and in all sorts of time slots.

Kaiser and Ames were selected as finalists for Clubhouse’s Creators First Pilot Season program and will be a doing special presentation of NNPR on Thurs. May 20th at 8PM PT/11PM ET. Please follow Henry and Lindsay and the NNPR club on the Clubhouse app to get notifications for this event. Tune in and enjoy and, hopefully, they’ll get a series order (or whatever Clubhouse wants to call it).