Norm MacDonald’s Netflix Show “Norm MacDonald has a Show” to Premiere Next Month with Lorne Michaels, Judge Judy as Guests


Sure, Norm MacDonald didn’t end up being the host of The Late Late Show after Craig Ferguson.

However, what started out as Norm and sidekick Adam Eget hanging out on the Video Podcast Network has now upgraded to Netflix as Norm MacDonald has a Show.

The premiere is set for Fri., Sept. 14th where 10 one-hour episodes will all be released, per Netflix’s usual way of releasing content. Norm will get to chat with the likes of aforementioned Lorne Michaels and Judge Judy as well as David Letterman, Michael Keaton, M. Night Shyamalan, and Drew Barrymore.

Also, in the press release it should be noted that, apparently, “David Letterman serves as location scout”.

We’re just going to take that as a hint that Norm will be using the Netflix budget afforded to him for some top shelf Norm MacDonald hijinks.