Pick of the Day: Helltrap Nightmare x Nolympics x LA Tenants Union: Food Not Rent Fundraiser 11/13

Famed horror comedy troupe Helltrap Nightmare did so much leading up to this most recent election in support of local candidates and organizations. Thankfully, their work is continuing on with intersecting affecting change on a local level and putting on extravaganzas of live-stream comedy fundraisers.

This Friday, Nov. 13th, Helltrap Nightmare is partnering with LA local orgs NOLYMPICS and LA Tenants Union to support the Food Not Rent fund for their latest show. Rental assistance for Angelenos has simply not been enough during this pandemic, especially with the end of it continuing to be uncertain and this is great way to give relief to many vulnerable folks at this time.

Slated to perform for this Food Not Rent live-stream are: John Early, Kate Berlant, Everything Is Terrible!, Julio Torres, True Anon’s Bruce Belden, Liz Franczak, Seth Bogart, Jeremy Levick, Rajat Suresh,  Nick Ciarelli, Brad Evans, Claywoman, Ian Sweet, Naomidrome, Lou Wilson, Thu Tran, Anna Seregina, Mister Wallace, Drac and the Swamp Rats, and more with hosts Meg Stalter and Sarah Squirm!

You can get access to the live-stream with a donation of anywhere from $5-$420 or more to the Food Not Rent fund. Do so here and make your Friday that much better.